Improving for the present and the future



     Diamond Wipes is committed to improving the livability of our world in the present and for the future. We support and develop initiatives to foster sustainability, promote product stewardship, and improve the health of communities and the environment.

  • Saved energy with solar panes- providing 86% of electricity necessary to operate plant
  • Digitization- reduction of 40,000 pages of printed paper a year
  • An estimated 5.2 million pieces of products manufactured last year using FSC
    certified substrate and/or packaging
  • Introduced recyclable flexible film and eco-friendly secondary packaging options
  • Committment to reduce waster generation by 34% by 2021.
In 2012, Diamond received FSC and Rainforest Alliance certifications. Our ability to provide FSC-certified wipe substrates contributes to a global effort toward more responsible management of forestry resources.



Reducing toxic load, preventing pollution, building a healthier earth, protecting future generations & promoting biodiversity are some of the “big picture” reasons why consumers purchase organic products.