Keeping Healthcare Facilities Infection Free

by IT Service on November 20, 2020

PDI Clinical Affairs Research Manager, Caitlin Stowe, was recently interviewed by the Journal of Healthcare Contracting which resulted in an exclusive 7-page e-book. The e-book, titled Keeping Healthcare Facilities Infection Free, highlights the infection-prevention products that will be key to healthcare facilities’ efforts, as well as short-term challenges providers will need to navigate, and the long-term planning that will be needed to maintain an adequate supply.

Link to download:

Publication Description: The Journal of Healthcare Contracting is the only publication that is solely devoted to supply chain. It focuses on the interactions of the four primary stakeholders in healthcare contracting: health systems and their facilities, manufacturers and suppliers, distributors and group purchasing organizations. The participants in the contracting arena will grow to rely on The Journal of Healthcare Contracting for industry understanding, insight into the minds of thought leaders and collaboration opportunities amongst contracting constituents.

  • Circulation: 12,400 print subscribers and 23,596 digital circulation, including IDN execs, Supplier/manufacturer community members, Hospital supply chain executives, GPO executives